Thursday, May 24, 2018

Kinda Hip (But Preachy) Education Videos

Here are some videos that are intended to inspire.

Did You Know 4.0 (2009) inspired a series of Did You Know videos including Did You Know-The Future (2010), Did You Know 2016, Did You Know 2017, and Did You Know 2018.

A Vision of K-12 Students Today (2007) is supposed to "... inspire teachers to use technology in engaging ways...."

I'm not a Luddite, but I reject the idea that teachers need to follow every technological fad. I also have solid research on my side when I say that providing instruction in the format that a learner chooses is not necessarily better for the learner ("Another Nail in the Coffin for Learning Styles..."). Yes, teachers need to evolve and use technology appropriately. They also need to understand their students and the ways they use technology. That said, it is a foolish teacher who tries to pander to their students' every whim.

Education Today and Tomorrow has interesting tidbits. In some ways, it doesn't seem that different from the previous video, but I like it far better. It seems less preachy and more inspiring.

Good teaching is about relationships and growth and passion. It's not about competing with an XBox.

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