Monday, January 26, 2015

Blogs Worth Reading: Math Teachers

I have found a group of math teachers who have made a really strong online community. Together, they are questioning, innovating, and making positive change happen and then sharing through blogs and tweets. It's incredibly inspiring.

Honestly, this is the best use of blogs and Twitter I have seen yet. My favorite thing about all of them is that they clearly have a growth mindset when it comes to their craft. They are growing as teachers in a collaborative, sharing way.

Anyone who is a new math or science teacher should read these blogs and follow these folks on Twitter.

That said, here is a list of some of my favorite math teacher bloggers/twitterers.

Kate Nowak (@k8nowak)
Blog: f(t)
Not only does Kate solicit ideas from the twitterverse; she actually puts the ideas into action and shares the results (regardless of how successful they were).

Sam Shah (@samjshah)
Blog: Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere
Sam's post on the Blogotwitterversphere is great.

Fawn Nguyen (@fawnpnguyen)
Blog: Finding Ways
Great sharing, especially with the 3Acts.

Geoff Krall (@emergentmath)
Blog: emergent math
A nice mix of real-world application-driven stuff as well as insightful commentary.

Check these people out. I find them all to be informative and inspirational. I know there are others who are really good (my list of a few thought leaders who are not in the classroom will follow in a later post), but these are quite good. If you know of other great ones, please share.

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