Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blogs Worth Reading: Thought Leaders

Here are some more blogs worth reading. These folks are curriculum people, teacher educators, and other thought leaders in the K-12 education space who are former K-12 teachers. Each is now out of the K-12 classroom, but focused on helping teachers teach and students learn.

Dan Meyer (@ddmeyer)
Blog: dy/dan
Subtitle: less helpful

Matt Townsley (@mctownsley)
Blog: MeTa Musings
Subtitle: ...where Math education, Technology and Assessment meet

Jason Buell (@jybuell)
Blog: Always Formative
Subtitle: Assessment is a conversation.

Dean Shareski (@shareski)
Blog: Ideas and Thoughts
Subtitle: Learning Stuff Since 1964

I could go on and on, but I figure I'd keep this list short (for now). Note that I post these links without commentary. You should check them out for yourself. If you know others I should add to my list of must-reads, please send them along.

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